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  • The modular theory asserts that different brain regions of the brain are responsible for different behaviors of the individual, with more people and less development of these different areas at different levels.

    People with autism have a greater capacity on logical regions of the brain (left side). And low capacity on empathic abilities, so they have difficulty in distinguishing emotions and ease of memorizing numbers and photographs. A few days ago I watched two very interesting films on the subject. The classic Rain Man and a stop motion animation Mary And Max . The films are very interesting.

    Searching a little more about the subject, Steven Johnson features the work of the researcher Simon Baron-Cohen who believes that the symptoms of autism are present in a continuous, this means that every human being has these symptoms at some level. An interesting fact that the researcher uses to support his theory is the higher incidence of autism in boys than in girls (10 times more), as the symptoms are an extreme version of male brain trends (little empathy, more logical).

    Based on these findings Simon Baron-Cohen has developed a simple test, called “ autism quotient ” , just answer 50 questions and compare the result with the tests conducted by the researcher. The average score of the control group was 16.4. Eighty percent of people diagnosed with autism made ​​more than 32 points. The research makes clear that the test is not a way to make the diagnosis.

    My result was 14 points.