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  • khan-academy-logoKhan Academy is a teaching and learing online and collaborative model.

    The initial proposal was very simple: share knowledge through online lessons on Youtube.

    The classes are fairly straightforward and efficient, no overproduction, only an explanation and a blackboard or a tablet in an image program. But what struck me was the same simplicity and selflessness of a man who simply wanted to share.

    The idea became complex and the model was developed for global education on the Khan Academy site. Containing exercises and a monitoring system where teachers, tutors or relatives can follow every detail of the learning process of students, what lessons have been made, what difficulties do they have and even when they stopped the video or repeated stretches.

    A more detailed explanation can be seen below in a video from TED:

    I was really excited about the project, the reversal of the education system that he speaks in the video is too exciting, the students went to class at home and go to school just to share what they learned with colleagues, practice, and receive tutoring from the teacher, seems very efficient and constructive.

    I have just volunteered to do the translations of the subtitles of the videos of Cosmology, Biology and History to Portuguese-BR, classes intended for more advanced students who would not have trouble keeping up with the subtitles. I believe that for most elementary students the process of dubbing or re-creation of content would be more efficient.

    On their site has all the explanations of how people can help .

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