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  • The clients proposals must deliver results that exceed expectations. It is therefore important to have a good briefing of what is being wanted, the client must present the problem he wants to solve.

    Any organization that is willing to propose solutions to resolve the issue presented must present ideas that exceed customer expectations and above all, that overcome competition.

    Ideas may need a lot of detail to demonstrate for the company the technical capabilities and expertise of your company at developing the solution you are proposing. But the truth is that the customer has no interest in a detailed and technical description of how his problem will be solved. The ideas need to be succinct, summarized and grouped.

    The NABC is a propose model created by Curtis Carlson and William Wilmot in the book “Innovation – The Five Disciplines for Creating What Customers Want” with the aim of adding value and summarize the proposal, which must then respond only four questions:

    1. NEED – What are the customer’s needs?
    2. APPROACH – What’s my approach or solution to meet this need?
    3. BENEFITS – What are the benefits and costs of my solution?
    4. COMPETITION – How do the costs and benefits of my solution are higher than those of competitors?

    The solutions need to be valued by the client and the path to get this value can be presented according to the Typology of valuations J. M. Floch .

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