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  • Some YouTube Surprises

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    Tuesday June 4th, 2013

    (Português) Alguns canais que valem cada segundo de visualização e podem não estar na sua timeline ainda.

    I am sorry! No time to translate this page properly so i used Google translate.


    100 hours of video per minute! Are incredible access statistics released by YouTube in celebration of its eighth year of existence. Amid so many people stumbling, dancing animals and cats there are some really interesting channels that may not be so well known. Thus, the present:

    Top X YouTube channels that are cool and are not in all the papers yet

    1.  zefrank1

    The zefrank1 is a pioneer of Internet entertainment, created some virtual games and even made a conference at TED in 2004. In his Youtube channel is the publication of a fantastic series counting the True Facts About various animals.

    2. BlindFilmCritic

    Blind film critic Tommy Edison is called a nice guy who tells us enthusiastically impressions and opinions about who has the most diverse films. He also has a channel called TommyEdisonXP which presents some friends like Franco’s pizzeria, does some interviews and talks a little how to live without sight.

    3. devinsupertramp

    Every Tuesday Devin throws some nifty video, most of the time things are radical and different places. Some that I remember are a feast of colors, one people jumping off a cliff with a rope, a type of propellant and water pacur Ezio doing in town. The editing and the images are always legal.

    4. AweMeChannel

    This channel is always posting videos showcasing the work of two subjects: A blacksmith who makes weapons for realistic films, An artist who works in painting perspective images using chalk. The videos are very well produced, and the final product that the staff creates.

    5. MysteryGuitarMan

    Meet Joe Penna, a Brazilian who is very successful abroad experimenting and developing videos with many different techniques. Has several videos with stop motion and some rendering effects, the songs are pretty interesting too. He has a channel that explains some of the techniques used to make the effects of videos.

    6. 5algumacoisa

    The channel description is very accurate, every week a video talking about 5 things “something.” The balconies are quite fun, design uncouth and dubbing make the comments get funnier still.

    7. MacworldBrasil

    Content is restricted to the Mac world, as the title says, but it’s always fun to meet the software and technologies that are being released while editing and presenters make jokes among themselves.