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Um nome grande para um grande ser humano (1.88m). Sou formado em jornalismo, mestre em linguística aplicada, professor e desenvolvedor web.

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  • The download link points to an article in Portuguese.

    Afrodite no ciberespaço: a era das convergências / Cláudio Cardoso de Paiva, Marina Magalhães de Morais e Allysson Viana Martins (organizadores).- João Pessoa: Marca de Fantasia, 2010.232p.: (Série Veredas, 20)
    ISBN 978-85-7999-017-51.
    Mídia. 2. Comunicação. 3. Internet.
    CDU: 316.774

    The title of the book is quite unusual explained in the presentation of material and defines the direction in which the works were written, and guided by sensory perceptions, giving heed to interpersonal events at the expense of a more technical or mechanical.

    The mythological figure of Afrodite connotes a very strong symbolic anthropology (Bachelard, Durand, Maffesoli) and is markedly related to the reception, concavidadedos affections, percepts and cognitions, the coincidence of opposites and the approximation of borders. (p.09)

    The book presents 11 articles by researchers who at one time were linked to the undergraduate or graduate degree in communication UFPB. The selected texts provide analysis and reports of various phenomena of digital communication such as Blog, Twitter, Chatroulette, Game Journalism, Piracy, Social Networking and at my article, Wikipedia.

    The texts are divided into two parts, Essences and substrates of cyberculture and Buildings and informative news in cyberspace , the first contains texts that relate to the cognitive dimension of social practices web and the second part contains more information related to the effects caused by media content.

    The material is freely available for download. It was very well edited by Marca de Fantasia, presenting a dynamic navigation mechanism in the pdf.

    Interested in cyberculture, media convergence and digital communication, must seek information in the articles of this book. Uunfortunately the book is available only in portuguese.