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  • What motivated me to start this comment, it was clear my enormous admiration for the work of J. R. R. Tolkien and the variations and adaptations of this story and all of Middle Earth.

  • The Lord of The Rings Trilogy: [1] [2] [3]
  • The LOTR Online
  • App: The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense
  • The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest for Wii
  • D&D, Arts, Sculptures, etc…
  • I have not read the other books in its collection: The Children of Hurin, Unfinished Tales, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, Farmer Giles of Ham, Roverandom, On Fairy Stories, The Letters of Tolkien, Elvish Language and Language Tengwar, reason wich i will not write comments on any of those.

    The veridiction on semiotics is a set of rules that make up the “seems like true” of a text, something completely different to qualify as true or not. By accepting the veridiction contract and understanding a work as fantasy or ficional, the reader accepts the existence of certain elements of unreality, conditioned by the logic with which the text is constructed. Nobody finds it odd a Nazgul flying (he has wings!) but if the orc came flying would be a break in veridiction.

    The following comments are on these disruptions and on assumptions within the veridiction contract itself signed on Tolkien’s Work.

    Spoiler Alert !! From here the reading is recommended only for those who already know the stories of the trilogy of the ring.

    Eagle Rescue

    The most popular hypothesis for the narrative of Lord of the Rings is:

    Why the bird who rescues Frodo from the Mountain of Doom has not been used before to get him up there, avoiding all risk, the suffering of the journey, the battles and wasted time on the walk?

    Damned Army

    In Return of the King, Aragorn emerges to save Gondor from Sauron’s attack with the help of the Army of the Dead, a cursed army of warriors who refused to help Isildur in the War of the Last Alliance.

    The fact is that they have a ghost form, but are capable of hurting living beings. They are ghosts, can not be attacked, but attack, in other words they are invincible. If this army awoke in the morning with the idea of dominating the Middle Earth, would be the end of the world of men, ents, dwarves, elves, hobbits, dragons, Nazgul, oliphaunts …

    Assuming, of course, that there is no space restriction on the curse and that they like to live in the mountain of death because of the more pleasant weather.

    Gollum is a hero

    I regret to inform to the fans of Frodo, but who saves Middle Earth is the Lord Smeagol. First by finding the ring in the river with the help of his cousin Deagol. If he didn’t, Sauron could never have been destroyed. Second, Frodo could not throw the precious in the lava, he was corrupted by the power of the ring at the last minute. The real hero is the bumbling Smeagol who stumbles and falls into the lava. And not a single song was sung in his honor.

    Gimli’s efficiency


    A genialidade de Boromir


    (Do not know who created the gif.)

    You may need to click on the image to view the gif, in proper sequence.

    Spiler Alert ! The text below contains spoilers of the book The Hobbit.

    Bilbo, an example of perseverance

    Bilbo Baggins meets Smeagol in his cave while fleeing from orcs and get the ring after playing a game of charades with Smeagol, this moment is brilliant and very funny, I was thinking about it at the time i was reading and trying to guess the riddles.

    Bilbo gets the ring and only deliver it to Frodo in his 111th year. Can not say for sure the time that Bilbo has the ring of power, but he rarely used it. That being, the One Ring of power, able to control the other rings, making the wearer invisible and still giving him longevity … Bilbo Baggins is an example of perseverance to use it only on holidays and special occasions.

    Spiler Alert ! The text below contains spoilers of the book The Silmarillion

    The powers of Gandalf

    The rings were forged by Celebrimdor and his elves companions, led by Sauron with the power of Melkor (Morgoth). Three rings were given to the elves, seven to dwarfs and nine to men.

    The three rings of the elves were:

    Ring of Air. It was the used by Elrond to protect Valfeda and to create the wave that flooded the river and saved Frodo and Arwen.

    Ring of Water. I stayed with Galadriel and was used to maintain the gardens of Lothlorien and slow the aging of the world.

    Ring of Fire. Círdan was the elf of the port of Balar and delivered the ring to Mr. Gandalf who has participated in numerous battles and didn’t cast a single fireball. He had the ring, had the power, and had only used it in fireworks, magic to animate the Hobbits.

    In the battle of Gondor, Gandalf created a light against the Nazgul, but why not throw flames on them? He spent all his energy with Fireworks or with the Balrog?

    All though the purpose of the ring of fire was lit the hearts of the peoples of Middle Earth, but with that name it will be fair just trying to conjure up some Fireball with him.

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