Olá, sou Paulo Henrique Souto Maior Serrano.

Um nome grande para um grande ser humano (1.88m). Sou formado em jornalismo, mestre em linguística aplicada, professor e desenvolvedor web.

Gosto de ficção, corrida, queijo e do meu trabalho.

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  • Jean Luc Picard FACEPALM

    Font: http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/30804

    A meme is a unit of information that multiplies in the brain to another, or between places where information is stored (such as books) and other storage sites. The term is an analogy of the term gene genetics (smallest unit of information). Regarding its functionality, the meme is considered a unit of cultural evolution that can somehow be self-propagating. Memes can be ideas or parts of ideas, languages​​, sounds, designs, capacities, aesthetic and moral, or anything else that can be easily learned and transmitted as an autonomous unit. The study of evolutionary models of information transfer is known as memetics. When used in a colloquial context, non-specialist, the term meme can only mean the transfer of information from one mind to another. This is much closer to the analogy of “language as a virus. “(MEME, 2010)

    The image above corresponds to an Internet meme known as facepalm . It is a gesture, a non-verbal communication. The action conveys a sense of dismay in response to a momentary lapse or inconsistency of somebody. This meme is widely used as photo-response in discussion forums and communities, the reaction can be directed to others or self-deprecating.


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